Welcome Sarah & Olivia

by Jaty Tam ND | on Jul 11, 2012 | No Comments

We’d like to welcome two new practitioners to our growing team.

Our new Naturopathic Doctor, Olivia Rose ND, brings her holistic approach to Work Well Health’s Front Street Clinic.  She designs individually tailored treatment protocols which can include nutrition counseling, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and natural health products.  Olivia also has a special focus on fertility and weight management, and has extensive experience with smoking cessation and cosmetic acupuncture.

We are also welcoming our new Shiatsu therapist, Sarah Krietzer. She is also trained as an acupuncturist, which she uses in combination with Shiatsu Massage help her patients to decrease pain and increase mobility.  Sarah has a gentle but firm touch and has found success through always listening and communicating with her clients throughout the treatments.

We’re Putting Away Our Stethoscopes!

by Jaty Tam ND | on May 16, 2012 | No Comments

Naturopathic Doctors across Canada will be hanging up their stethoscopes for Naturopathic Medicine Week 2012, which will take place May 7-13. It doesn’t mean they will stop seeing patients, but in addition, they will be taking time our of their schedules to conduct events to teach members of their communities about natural medicine, health promotion and disease prevention.

Why do we do this?  One of the main tenets of Naturopathic Medicine is “docere” which is a latin word that means both doctor and teacher.  It is a tenet that reminds us that the original aim of the doctor was not just to cure ailments, but to teach, to educate people about their health and how to maintain balance and wellness. Naturopathic Doctors see their role not only as a healer, but also to help their patients understand how their bodies work, what may be out of function in the body to cause the presenting symptoms, and how various types of treatments can help to correct the symptom. This style of practice takes the physician away from the “doctor knows best” model, and instead upholds the ideal that the “body knows best” and that the patient’s actions will bring on deep and true healing.

To find Naturopathic Medicine week events in your area, visit this website.

Written by Clinic Director & Naturopathic Doctor Jaty Tam ND

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