I would encourage EVERYBODY who wants to quit smoking to use this program. It’s well put together, but more importantly, it’s effective. I’m so thankful I found it. I feel great! – David, Pilot, Toronto A natural, fast and easy medical program to help you quit smoking for life. Using a cold laser therapy, light energy is used to stimulate the body’s nervous system to produce endorphins (nature’s mood-lifters and pain relievers) on specific acupuncture points to treat addiction. This treatment calms the nervous system, eliminates cravings and returns your metabolism to its natural state. As a result, quitting smoking is easier without the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

About the Program:

Using a step-by-step approach, we begin with a brief initial consultation to understand your situation and undergo a medical intake to determine your specific constitution and needs.  We explain the program and arm you with our Quick Stop Tool Kit. When you are ready, you will receive your first 30-minute laser therapy session.  You will experience results immediately. Your second treatment visit will be scheduled within 72 hours of your first session.  Booster sessions thereafter are scheduled as needed based on your individual needs.

Our Services may be covered by your extended health care benefits.

Call us today to book your initial consultation towards being smoke-free.

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